Month: March, 2013

It’s all about (ME), its all about (ME) baby~~

I still can’t believe that A actually uploaded herself singing for me. Officially the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. She looked so cute singing and with ‘feeling’ some more. Hahahah! But I love the video, I love her (dying cow) voice, I LOVE HER! Proud to say that I have the best girlfriend ever!!! ❤


Major Loser

Seriously, i don’t know why is it so hard to just kiss you. I want it so bad, I crave for it. but every time I get the chance, I chicken out. Sighhhh. I really dunno what’s wrong with me. Maybe I just think too much. 

And when you hug me and your arms are around me, OMG, my whole body becomes weak. 

I just don’t want it to suck. Hahah!

Sorry, I’m such a loser. 😦

But I really am crazy in love with you. 


Finally, after 2 weeks, I met A. I’ve missed her so much.

Actually, I surprised her during her break yesterday. It was so last minute and there were a lot of fails. But it was a success. Epic surprise reaction! Hahah

Today, we went out and I didn’t know that she already plan to watch a movie. Check timing already some more. Hahah, so sweet lah you! The movie was funny but a bit slow. A was tired but she die die don’t want to sleep. You could have just rest your head on my fat shoulders. It’s really comfortable! Hahah.

Anyway, during the movie, I keep getting goosebumps and not because it was cold. Every time she wrapped her hands around my arm or when she just held my hand, oh it send chills down my spine. It was so nice. If only we got couple seats! 😉

Oh, we smoked. Craving satisfied! Hahah. Honestly, I don’t like that she smokes but who am I to stop her. I myself, smoke. Just don’t smoke so much, okay baby? Told her about my fears and insecurities. I know I can trust and count on her to not hurt me. 

I really love you.

Really didn’t want to let her go when we hugged goodbye. And I so badly want to kiss her on her lips. But all I did was kiss on the cheek. I’m such a loser. Honestly, I’m scared and nervous to kiss her. Hey, it’s been long. What if I suck?! Hahah!

Basically, it was a wonderful date just like all the others. Can’t wait for you to come to Clementi! 🙂

I love you more than you will ever know

Somehow when I’m with you, I feel like exist. Like I matter to someone. And not just a friend but as a lover too. You have allowed me to feel emotions that I thought I will never be able to feel again. Especially your luscious lips and how I’m tempted to kiss it everytime. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. You’ve brought color, smiles, laughter, joy, and many beautiful things into my dark, emo life.



I hope you’ll be better than my last. Don’t have to do much, just don’t break my heart. But somehow, I know you’ll be different. There’s just something about you baby. 

Why I so emo?! OMG! I think its cause I miss you like crazy!!! Can’t wait to see you!

I love you very very much. I love you and when I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I long to see you. Even when you are not near me, I feel you in everything I’m surrounded by. Every second, every minute, all the time. My eyes search only for my dear A. Call it love, madness or just my heartbeats, its the same thing to me. A lot of people have loved before but my love stands apart from all of them because they don’t have you. I can never forget you. I don’t want to forget you. You are mine and I will love you forever.

LOL : Languages Of Love

Just a random post inspired by A’s love for using the word LOL. Hahahah.  

“i love you, wo ai ni, saranghae,
Aku cinta kamu sepenuhnya, mahal kita talaga,
te amo, ich liehbe dich, aishiteru”

Just when i thought that all hope is gone, you came and grab my heart. Darling, I still can’t believe that we’re together. 

I love you baby.


Much misses..

Miss her so much. A day without hearing her voice or text is killing me!!! I hate her for making me feel like this. Jk. Waited the whole of last night for her text cause she said she would get wifi but nothing. 


But she surprised me in the evening today with a text. Though it was a super short but it totally made my day. I don’t blame you baby, I know the wifi sucks there. 

I never stopped thinking about you. Patiently waiting for the moment when I can see you and hold you in my arms again. 

I miss you and love you so much. 


Yes, to being your girlfriend. To being yours. 

I love you too much to not say yes.

I feel myself becoming a better person just by being with you. I am happier and I smile more.  It’s hard to hide my love for you. I am willing to take this journey with you and go through whatever obstacles that is planned for us. I just want to make you happy always and never hurt you.

Yesterday was wonderful and I never want it to end. Can’t wait to see you again in 2 weeks time. Can’t wait to have our first kiss. And eventually go on a trip with you. Heheh 😉

I love you Atiqah Anuar ❤

My Favorite Thing

i fall at the thought
of us falling apart
but i swore never to use my head,
before i use my heart

and then you’ll keep me breathing,
grant me peace through the night
my dear, i hope your dreams are sweet as real life

cause this, my favorite thing by far
and you define everything i’ve ever known
but why,

do you believe in fate,
do you believe in destiny,
would you believe me if i told you,
you complete me.
i don’t say this lightly.
so don’t take this lightly.

cause this, my favorite thing by far
and you define everything i’ve ever known
but why, why me, when you could have had anybody
hi, nice to meet you,
was it nice to meet me too.

don’t tell me the things,
that you think i want to hear.
just tell me the truth,
and the whole truth,
your thoughts and your hopes
and your dreams and your fears.

cause i don’t have time to waste,
if all that you’re looking for is to chase,
don’t make me be just another mistake,
but still it’s a chance that i’m willing to take, for you.
for you.
its all for you.

this, my favorite thing by far
and you define everything i’ve ever known
but why, why me, when you could have had anybody
hi, nice to meet you,
was it nice to meet me.

this, my favorite thing by far
and you define everything i’ve ever known
but why, why me, when you could have had anybody
hi, nice to meet you,