My love

It’s been 2 months and 19 days since our first meeting. It’s funny to think back at how we ‘evolved’. Lol. You’re the most picky, annoying, loving, sweetest person I’ve ever met. 

It leaves me enchanted when I see you talk about Gaga and your family. I’ve never met a more caring and passionate person. You make me so happy. I feel like I don’t need anyone else in my life, just you. 

Honestly, I’ve never thought you could make me feel like this. But you seem to always surprise me each day by making me smile. Your wonderful personality radiates from you and everyone just naturally feels good and warm around you. I’m so proud to say that you’re my gf. My one and only. You make life worth it again for me. 

I may look at a lot of girls (its a bad habit and I’m trying to stop) but none can compare to you. And really I only look at you actually. P

I don’t care if people doubt my feelings for you, I don’t mind telling them every single time that I’m in love with ATIQAH ANUAR. I really do love you.