Month: September, 2013


It’s the beginning of a brand new month. It’s also gonna be our 7th month. And it’s also gonna be your ‘time of the month’. Shit! Don’t angry with me okay?! Lol.

From strangers to lovers. From me saying ‘lol’ to ‘I love you’s. I dunno what you did to get me here but whatever it is, it worked. All your stalking and thinking about me worked. I’m officially hooked on you.

“You make my hands shake
I watch the glass break
Around my guarded heart tonight
This ain’t no mistake
You make my earth quake
You feel like thunder in the sky
Like thunder, thunder, thunder (oh oh)”

If you didn’t already know, I love you.

P/S: I feel so annoying cause I keep updating this blog and portraying my love for you, not that it’s not sincere. I mean every word! You can just tell me to stop anytime okay.


Cause A is busy deleting her pics and neglecting me…. Lol

You’re the most particular, picky, fussy, annoying, stubborn, lazy, sleepy, irritating person I know.

But what makes you different is that you’re nice, very loving, extremely beautiful, sweet, daring, adorable and not forgetting sexy too.

You’re so very perfect to me in all your cute little imperfect ways.

1, 2, 3, 4
I feel like such a bore
5, 6, 7, 8
Too bad! You, me still have to go on a date

Okay, that was really lame.

Whenever I’m with you,
Everything seems to fall into place.
Is what you feel the same as me too?
Cause thinking about it, alway leaves me in a daze.

Love sick

Is it stupid if I say, I get lost in your eyes.
Is it too cliche if I say, you’re the most beautiful person I know.

Well maybe you are, cause you’re all I see. You’re the only one I want to see and meet.

All these feelings, I’ve never felt before.
This is all new, I didn’t feel this when I was with that whore.
Baby, compliments I don’t say much.
But everything you do is perfect, even your touch.
You give premature ventricular contractions.
This is more than just an infatuation.
You, people, everyone doubt my feelings.
But my love for you has no ceiling.

It’s limitless. And I’ll love you forever and always.

Lol. I bet you never knew this about me but I enjoy writing poems but i haven’t wrote one in years. After watching Stuck In Love with you, I got the sudden feel to write one for you. Hahaha! It’s not a good one but I mean every word. I love you Atiqah.

Nobody has loved anybody as much as I love you.

CA is really draining my energy and taking so much time away from my baby. Miss her so much. She’s always on my mind. Forever annoying me even when we’re not together. JK!

There’s so much on my mind and lots of feelings/expressions which I wish I could put into words to tell my dear Atiqah. I’ve never felt like this towards anyone before. Your love literally made me speechless.

Yes, you make me the happiest person alive but I still have my emo days. Lol. Just thinking of never being able to spend another day with you sucks. Thinking of you being in someone else’s arms hurts (even though I know there isn’t anyone else). Distance makes my mind a bit messed up. Sorry love. I really wish there wasn’t anything parting us from each other. Haizz.

Can’t wait to literally give you a kiss and tell you I love you face to face. And maybe give you compliments and see you adorably shy away. Lol 😉

I love you. I know I say it a lot but I mean it okay! Muacksssss

“The day we met, frozen I held my breath. Right from the start, I knew that I’d found a home for my heart. Heart beats fast, colors and promises. How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.”