Month: October, 2013

It is said that the happiest state of human existence is when you love someone more than you love yourself. Well, I don’t know much about love but it’s safe to say that I love you more than anything. Besides loving and doing anything for my family, I would sacrifice the just as much for you.

The downside of blogging is that I’m afraid you would misunderstand the things I write about. I wish I could say all this and you could hear the tone from my mouth and know that this is all real to me and full of passion and dedication.

People tend to hate their flaws. But did you know that when we part, besides missing your presence, I also miss the little things which not a lot would. I miss your ramblings when you get nervous, I miss the ‘I can’t believe you did that’ face when I touch hair, I miss your scoldings whenever I pinch you, I miss your disgusting habits which I finally saw today. Just thinking about them puts a smile on my face.

I really dislike people who say that whatever we have is not real cause there’ll be no future. Like seriously, F them. You are real and this is real. This is not a happy ending yet, it’s not a fairy tale but that’s what makes it even more real. A smooth sailing relationship just show that something is not right. Nothing’s perfect.

I’ve never cared and put in so much dedication to someone who was only just a school mate almost 8 months ago. I just really love you so much.



Basically, the last four words.

I love you and every raw piece of skin on your body. I love you and every unspoken word you’ve ever thought, and every inch of flesh that is yours. My love for you is as indefinite as the sea, and as vast as the galaxy which we know so little of. My love for you continues to grow just as the roots of the tree beneath the soil. I bask in the warmth of your skin, and drown in the presence of your voice. Your laugh is the harmonious sound of joy that make my skin tingle. The idea of you makes my insides warm and full of love. You’re the constant thoughts that circulate my mind, and in every dream I have, I hope to see you. You are the comfort to my pain and brightness to my life. I am a fool for you, and I’ve fallen in a deep hole of endless love for you.


This post has nothing to do with anyone. It’s all me.

I feel like I’m surrounded by a lot of people ‘I know’ but no one can see, hear, feel me. And I feel like my chest is gonna explain if I don’t let out what’s inside of me. But I can’t cause no one can hear me.

Every night, I look at my phone contacts just to see who I can trust and be able to just tell them and break down without feeling embarrassed or judged.

I just feel really alone and it’s really taking a toll on me.

I feel insecure that people would think I’m crazy with all this emotions. Cause I can never have too many times of people telling me to get help. Why say that, god knows you all didn’t fucking try to help me. This is aiming at no one FYI. It’s just all my life, I’ve been keeping it in. I’ve had memories of feeling miserable ever since kindergarten. So the level of misery in me is really high.

Love is like a retreat. I enjoy being in love cause I forget all the misery at that very moment.

Can anyone hear me?

We’ll be fine, this I promise you

Be Alright // Justin Bieber

Across the ocean, across the sea
Startin’ to forget the way you look at me now
Over the mountains, across the sky
Need to see your face and need to look in your eyes
Through the storm and, through the clouds
Bumps on the road and upside down now
I know it’s hard baby, to sleep at night
Don’t you worry

Cause Everything’s gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Through the sorrow,
And the fights
Don’t you worry,
Cause everything’s gonna Be Alright,ai-ai-ai-aight
Be Alright,ai-ai-ai-aight..

All alone, in my room
Waiting for your phone call to come soon
And for you, oh, I would walk a thousand miles
To be in your arms
Holding my heart

Oh I, Oh I…
I Love You
And Everything’s gonna Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the long nights
And the bright lights
Dont you worry
Cause Everything’s gonna Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

You know that I care for you
I’ll always be there for you
Promise I will stay right here, yeah
I know that you want me too
Baby we can make it through, anything
Cause everything’s gonna Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Through the sorrow, and the fights
Dont you worry
Everything’s gonna Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be Alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the sorrow, and the fights
Don’t you worry
Everything’s gonna Be Alright..

This song speaks for itself. And you can guess what I’m trying to get through to you with this post.

No matter what happens, I’ll always care for you cause you’ll always have a special place in my left boob. I’m gonna make sure that you’ll be fine and you must really be okay. I must see it for myself! Lol. I despise people who just leave and bail on anyone and I don’t like treating people that way. So I’m always gonna be there for you. Whether I’m overseas or busy or whatever, I’ll be there for you. You can take it as if I’m writing all this like a lover but I treat all (which is not that much) my friends like this. It’s a Capricorn thing I guess; once you’re close to me, I got your back.

And one more thing. I love you. Still do.

Loving you for your flaws is not bad. If you think I’m so upset, why am I still with you then? Obviously you’re doing something right. I dunno if you’ve ever felt this way towards anyone. I’m also not saying that I’m experienced when it comes to love. But I know what I feel, just believe me when I say I love you.

“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile… But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”

I’m sorry.
Sorry I can’t make you smile.
Sorry you feel shitty.
I don’t know what I can do to make you feel better.
I can only offer and give you myself.
I’ll always be there for you. Physically, mentally, emotionally etc.
Seeing you like this breaks my heart and I wish I can do more.
Sorry I’m such a lousy lover.
I love you. So much.

Feel better baby.

Loving Ati-GAGA

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but you and gaga have similar traits.

Both are extremely passionate.

Both of you are really nice people.

Both of you easily get distracted. Lol.

Both of you explain a LOT!

Both of you are pretty and extremely sexy.

Then again, both of you can be adorably cute.

Where there’s you, there’ll be gaga. And surprisingly, I’m not annoyed. Not even a bit. Maybe that’s love for you. Sorry I’m not a little monster but doesn’t mean I don’t like her. Sorry its not much fun talking to me about gaga cause I don’t really understand.

Gaga, like your family is not something I can replace or compete with. Loving you means loving them too.

I don’t think I’m making much sense but I just needed to write this down.


They always ask if you’ve ever experienced true love. But how would you know, no one does. What is love?

My perception on love is hard to explain. Let me put it in a context of you.

There’s just something about you. Just like you, my heart beats super fast before I meet you or when I see you walking towards me.

Maybe its nerves but maybe not.

Everything you do seems adorably cute.

Seeing you happy makes me happy too. And when you’re sad, I feel it too.

I can’t never seem to stay angry at you for long.

Oddly enough, I have this feeling to be good. I dunno, you make me a better human in some way.

I tell you everything. Good or bad.

I can honestly say I trust you. Its just me, I’m the insecure one. 😦

There’s a lot of things I feel when I’m with you and I wish you could read my mind to know how amazing it feels to be in love with you. I wish everyone could experience this feeling cause its really something worth living for. Maybe its too early to say, but you’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. And everyday is like my birthday just knowing that I get the gift of still having you in my life.

I’m still an emo bitch but trust me, I was worst before you.

I can go on and on about you but I got to save some for my next post. Lol. Jk.

I will never run of things to say about you, as long as I love you.

Sorry if this post makes no sense.




“There’s a crack in eveything, that’s how the light gets in. YOU are the crack in my world.”