Month: November, 2013


There are many things I’m grateful for. Most of them very cliche.

But there’s one I really want to show my gratitude to…

Thank you for everything, words fail to express the immense warmth and love you’ve shown me.

No sad goodbyes because we’ll be seeing each other soon and no cheesy farewells because, well, we’re the coolest! Lol.

I love you.

Many thanks for tolerating all my tiny, irrelevant, redundant, shit!


Can I fuck you. Like really. Can I just satisfy you.

I’m just frozen, stuck on this bustop bench. Just literally thinking back to what I did wrong. I can’t look at you without starting to cry. I can’t look at my hands cause all I want to do is hold you close. That’s why I had to sit on my own hands.

I’m sorry if I said something wrong. If it was because of the girl I talked about then I’m really sorry. You know I had a lot of crushes before you. You were one of my crush too. But that’s all they were, crushes. People I don’t give a double look to anymore.

And why I wait instead of going home is because why would I not wait? I rather see you even if we’re not talking than not even see you at all. And besides, you waited much longer for me when you started liking me. So, my waiting can never match up to how long you waited for me.

I’m deeply sorry.

I won’t disturb you tonight. Study okay.

I love my super annoying inclined girl.

I love you Atiqah Anuar.

I love this. *Points to your lips* I love this, and what comes out of it, and what you do to me with it. And I love what’s in here. *Points to your temple* Cause you’re so smart and witty and knowledgeable, competent in so many things. But most of all, I love what’s in here. *Points to your chest* You are the most compassionate person I’ve met. What you do, how you work, it’s awe-inspiring.

I spend every waking moment thinking and missing you. When I’m upset or just feeling down, the only person I want by my side is you. I even miss you saying “there there” to me. It’s frustrating but it makes me smile. I really miss your long hugs, the special kind of warmth I can get, only from you. It’s already been 5 days. I know we can get through it, we’ve been separated for much more longer. But I really hate it. I really do. I just miss you so much, it hurts 😥

A day without seeing, touching, feeling, hearing you is impossible to live with. You’re impossible to live without.

I just want you close to me, here to be specific.

Don’t hate me when I’m in love with you so deeply.

Day or night, rain or shine, awake or asleep, you’re always in my heart and mind,

You are exquisite, honest, warm, strong, witty, beguilingly innocent; the list is endless. I am in awe of you. I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul.

Teardrops like waterfall

I dunno what cause my sudden mood change. I really hope it’s cause my period is coming.

Yes, tonight we talked about pretty serious and intense things. I’m sad that the future seams so bleak for us but I’m enjoying every second, as much as I can. I was sad cause our time together seems to pass so fast. I hate leaving and parting ways with you. I miss you so much it hurts. Walking to your blocks send my throat into knots causing me unable to talk, my tear glands seems so full, my heart will feel like its going to stop. A night without you sucks, tomorrow needs to come faster.

Your texts/emails were very comforting. A first from you. Thank god you didn’t send me a ‘There there’. Part of crying was cause I was so touched by your messages. I love you more than ever.

Seeing, meeting, being with you is like sun rays shining down on my cold skin.

Though you leave me with trembling knees, heart-in-my-mouth, butterflies-in-my-body, sleepless nights; those are the moments that I long for.