Feeling good

by nurulshazana

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you start it with an awesome breakfast with the one you love. And that’s exactly what I did. Thanks for waking up early just to have breakfast with me. I really appreciate it.

As I was going home, I can’t help but to smile thinking about us. We like so cute, it’s hard to explain. I just really love you and how things are with us now. Yes, it sucks cause I’m working and you’re schooling. But the fact that both of us find time for each other is just amazing. And this is kinda weird but I enjoy taking care of you and pampering you and layan-ing all your merepek-ness. If only the impossible could be possible, I would so marry you. Lol, but really.

But for now, you’re my baby. And I love you just as much without any legal binding.