by nrlshzna

You’ve been in my dreams.
You’ve been in my thoughts.

I would say you’ve been in my prayers but I don’t know if I’m doing that right. But deep in my heart, I closed my eye right and hope that you’re fine no matter what.

To me, loving someone used to always be about me. But after I met you, I’ve never cared about anyone so much. If someone hurt you; you don’t have to say it, I’ll definitely have your back and defend you. Likewise if you’re tired, sad, angry; I’ll give you my shoulder, I’ll wipe your tears and I’ll listen to your rants.

I can see that all this time, there’s this other person in you which not a lot of people get to see. Maybe, only me. I not only feel this sense of responsibility but I also want to make you feel better. I may not be the best person to help you in this situation but I do know how it feels to have all this ‘thoughts’. And that kinda counts.

Basically, you were there when I was at my worst and I wanna be there for you now.

Don’t push me away cause I’m never gonna leave.