by nrlshzna

Last night was heart wrenching. I felt so horrible. Walking away from you, not even looking at you. I hated myself. I wish I died or never existed. I felt so unworthy, so undeserving of you. I felt like such a bad person. And you cried. I felt my heart literally die and went to hell. I’m so sorry my love.

Why don’t you talk to me? Tell me how you feel? If this was real, I would say this…. I’m your fucking fiancée, I’m gonna make you my wife. I want to be your pillar of strength, your motivation, your everything. I wanna be what you are to me, for you.

I know I shouldn’t purposely make you tell me everything but I feel like you just don’t trust me. You put up this strong front of everyone, even for me. I salute you for being strong but you can’t lie. Especially to me. Just talk to me. If not today or tomorrow, any day will do. I give you all my days.

Your silence scares me. Your mixed emotions almost kills me every time. I’m so afraid that you’ve lost your feelings towards me.

I’m trying. Please don’t give up on me yet.

I miss you. And even after everything, my love for you is still very strong. Doesn’t that count for something.