by nrlshzna

You’ll be leaving for 2 weeks to a foreign land.

And today started badly. With my mum and all.

I’m deeply sorry.

I know no matter what I say, it won’t get rid of you annoyance and tiredness on our situation.

I won’t say much. I’ll face whatever that is coming for me when you’re away.

You are still my closest friend, my person, no matter what she or anyone says.

I remember you saying that I should blog whenever I missed you. Let’s just say that you’ll be coming back to a blog filled with posts.

I don’t blame you if you’re leaving with hatred or annoyance or whatever.

I just hope that this wont affect the amazing past few weeks I had with you.


“Wherever you are, no matter how far,
I promise that I won’t give up on you
They say out of sight means out of mind
But they couldn’t be further from the truth
Cause I’m in love with you.”

“Even if there is an ocean
Keeping your heart from mine
That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking
About you all the time
I’m counting the days till I see you.”


I really am going to miss you. 😦